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Complaints Policy

Complaints process

QRB are dedicated to providing excellence in service to clients. We recognise that superior complaints management – including ease of access for complainants, senior business engagement and timely resolution – will help us with service improvements and changes that positively impact upon our employees and clients
This policy also applies for complaints about GDPR data breeches.
To ensure that complaints are understood in full and investigations are undertaken on the root cause of client issues, all complaints are required in writing to: enquiries@qrbmc.com
Complaints will be reviewed within three hours and logged into our tracking system, they will be assigned to a Director or a head of department.
QRB commits to the following timelines
You will get a call back on the same day as you sent us your complaint. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your experience, gather additional information and set timelines for looking into and resolving the problem.
By working day 5 from complaint submission, we will contact you to update you on our findings and action.
We will always attempt to contact you by telephone, where a phone number is available.
For complex complaints we may need longer than 5 days in order to provide a robust and effective resolution, if we think we will exceed 5 days to resolve your complaint we will try to let you know in advance.
When looking into a complaint, we will investigate the specific occurrence or circumstance as well as considering the likelihood of the occurrence or circumstance occurring again.
We will comply with a number of other QRB policies when considering what action to take in the management of complaints.
Once an investigation has been completed, we will contact you to report back on our findings and, where appropriate, the actions we have taken.

Appealing the outcome of a complaint

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the way in which we have managed your complaint, you can appeal the outcome. You appeal the outcome with QRB by emailing a senior manager the details of your case:
Russell Parker
Lead consultant
If the complaint process has been exhausted and you are still dissatisfied you can appeal to Peoplecert. Please note, you will not be successful unless you have fully engaged with the QRB complaint process and discussed your dissatisfaction about the management of your complaint with QRB so that QRB can attempt to resolve the issue.
The managing director of QRB will escalate your case to Peoplecert.
Next Review Date: May 2021