Agile Project Management

The APMG-International AgilePM® certification is a brilliant way to go. For those who work in an environment focussed on projects and also want to be agile.

The AgilePM guidance results from a partnership with the DSDM Consortium. It offers practical and repeatable methods that achieve an ideal balance. A fine balance between the standards, precision and visibility one needs for good project management. It also offers the fast pace, change and empowerment that Agile provides.

Managing projects in an Agile environment deliver real benefits quicker and with more stakeholder commitment. More and more people are aware of that. Agile's popularity grew across many industry types. It is an important tool for project managers.

Agile project management focuses on developing solutions step by step. In fact by enabling project teams to react to changing needs in an effective way. At the same time it empowers project personnel and encourages exceeded teamwork and ownership.

The guidance bases on DSDM Consortium's Agile Project Framework. DSDM's eight principles for effective agile project delivery back this up:

  1. Focus on the business need
  2. Collaborate
  3. Built bit by bit from firm foundations
  4. Communicate continuously and clearly
  5. Deliver on time
  6. Never compromise quality
  7. Develop iteratively
  8. Demonstrate control

AgilePM certification aims at aspiring and practising project managers. At team members who wish to adopt a fast-paced, flexible and collaborative approach to project management. Of course they want to maintain standards and accurancy at the same time.

QRB consultants deliver accredited training on the APMG AgilePM knowledge. They use approved materials and accredited trainers. Our consultants have real life experience in delivering projects in Agile environments. They bring this knowledge of application into their delivery.

The qualifications are:

- The foundation course includes 2 days of training and a multiple choice exam
- The practitioner course includes 3 days of training and an objective text exam

You can book these events on their own or combined into one 5 day course.

To take part in the practitioner course the candidate must hold one of the following qualifications:

Agile Project Management Foundation Certificate (in either the 2010 or the 2014 version)

  • DSDM Atern Foundation Certificate, or
  • DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate.